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Our Preferred Lender offers a multitude of lending programs. During these market conditions, locking in your rate and taking time to shop for your dream home is ideal. Learn more about the Lock, Shop & Go program.

Lock, Shop & Go Program

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Make your dreams of a new home a reality even in these market conditions. With the Lock, Shop & Go program, you can lock in your rate and still take time to shop for your home. Learn more now.

What does Lock, Shop & Go mean?

Our team at Fairway understands that even the slightest change in rates can change the trajectory of your homebuying journey. Rest assured the Lock, Shop & Go program allows homebuyers to lock in their interest rate for 90 days while shopping for a new home.

Lock, Shop & Go Means Flexibility

There are a multitude of rate lock, and rate protection options available in the industry today, however, Fairway Mortgage’s lock, shop, and go program means flexibility. Our program allows you to lock in your rate first and then enjoy the freedom to shop around for a home.

How Do I Get Started? 
The first step in your journey is to find out what you qualify for by getting Pre-Qualified with one of our Fairway loan officers. During this process, you’ll discuss mortgage options with a loan officer and of course, we’ll pull your credit report. After that, there will be a thorough credit check, analysis of your finances, and a review of the employment information you provided. 

When the Pre-Qualification process is complete, your interest rate will be locked in, leaving you 90 stress-free days to find your dream home.

Perks of Lock, Shop & Go Rate - Preserve your rate
The biggest advantage of the Lock, Shop & Go program is the reassurance and ease of knowing that your mortgage rate is locked. The mortgage will remain untouched even if the market rate goes up while you’re looking for your dream home.

Credit Approval
Our Lock, Shop & Go program and Pre-Qualification make the buying process seamless. When it’s time to make an offer, you’ll already be Pre-Qualified! Presenting the strongest offer in a fierce seller’s market is pivotal to getting accepted. A Pre-Qualification from Fairway Mortgage shows sellers that they’re supported by a recognized lender and have the funds ready to move forward with the home purchase swiftly.

Close Quicker
With Lock, Shop & Go, you’ve already completed the necessary work it takes to get a mortgage! The rest of the lending process can then proceed speedily once the seller accepts your offer. Remember that you have already been pre-approved and your rate has been locked in.

Take Time While Looking For Your Dream Home
The Lock, Shop & Go program is beneficial for anyone who is ready to buy a home but has not picked their perfect match yet. It is natural to experience some uncertainty when it comes to mortgage interest rates, and the last thing we want is to discourage a potential home buyers from making their move. We also don’t want future home buyers to feel rushed or pressured into choosing a house due to current interest rates. Luckily, that is where we come in. Lock, Shop & Go gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for. This way you can actually enjoy the house-hunting process and take your time while finding the perfect home for you.

Are You Worried About Interest Rates Rising Before Finding The Home Of Your Dreams?

Let Fairway's Lock, Shop & Go* make the home-buying process easy.

Take action and lock in the rate today while shopping for your dream home. The Lock-in rate is valid for 90 days** with NO hidden fees!

  • Eligible on purchase transactions only
  • Available on Fairway's Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA*** fixed-rate programs
  • If the rates decrease, Fairway has that covered: Provide the signed purchase agreement within three (3) days of signing, and Fairway will update the initial lock to a final lock for up to 60 days at the improved market rate if market conditions allow

The Lock, Shop & Go program guarantees that your rate remains in place for a fixed period of time.

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