Small Town Charm

So few places check all the boxes when it comes to small town living. But the advantages of living in Orting are immediately apparent to those who’ve had the pleasure of breathing in its air, and taking measure of the quietude and stillness. Yet there’s so much more to Orting than can be captured in a breath. 

 Even before the pandemic, a great exodus of Americans from big cities to small towns was underway. Today people continue to migrate from sprawling, noisy, urban areas to small communities with reasonable commutes. And less crowds.

Rear view of a father and his two young daughters going for a walk on a paved trail through the wooded park. The three are walking in a row holding hands with each other. Sunlight is coming through the open spaces, so the trail is partially shaded and partially in sunlight.

Seclusion is one of the many things that make Orting an attractive option for urbanites considering where to plot their escape. Since it became a town in 1938, Orting has remained mostly the same in all the ways that matter to those nostalgic for the simplicity of small town life. The turn of the century buildings that line the downtown streets bely the modern architecture of the farm houses throughout the valley. 

This friendly town with a welcoming community harkens back to a gentler time. Neighbors dine together at 15 local eateries, gather at weekly farmer’s markets, and celebrate annual festivals. There are 12 parks scattered throughout 3-square miles, scenic gardens, and the famed 21-mile Foothills Trail winding its way through downtown.

Multi-ethnic best friends children eating ice-cream and having fun on summer holidays

Situated where the Puyallup and Carbon Rivers meet, Orting is just 45 minutes from Seattle, 30 minutes from Tacoma, and 15 minutes from the retail and conveniences of Bonney Lake. Yet it feels a world away. Unspoiled natural spaces provide unparalleled scenery at every turn with mighty Mt. Rainier as the ideal backdrop. 

 If you’ve been considering a move out of the city, take a quick trip and discover Orting. It will only take one deep breath in this rustic town to know it’s just about perfect.