Thriving in A COVID Housing Market

Even in the new “distance economy” some realtors have found ways to get even closer to their clients.

At no other time in the history of buying a new home has there ever been a housing market quite like the one we’re all in.

The pandemic has created an unusual universe for sellers and buyers, but it’s a universe rife with opportunities and advantages for both.

Especially for companies like Presgroup Realty, an enterprise willing to adapt to pandemic-born new technologies, enabling an unprecedented level of connectivity with their clients.

Whether Covid-19 has changed the real estate market forever is a debate for a different time. For now, let’s look at the ways this Washington-based company is thriving in a world where the rules have changed.

A New Way of Homebuying

Even though Americans are entering the new home market faster than before the pandemic, some of the processes, which have been in place since the first for sale sign was carved into a cave, have evolved.

Traditional open houses are all but over. Face-to-face meetings aren’t what they used to be. It’s a virtual world. And Presgroup Realty is finding a way to not only face the new challenges, but improve on consumers’ expectations of timely responses and smooth transitions.

Tools for Success

Efficiency is everything in a time-is-money industry like new home sales. So accessibility on multiple channels is paramount. Easy avenues like FaceTime, text and emails are all obvious paths facilitating the exchange of information both verbal and visual, all from a safe distance.

Presgroup Realty offers extraordinary virtual tours that are as comprehensive as they are convenient. And clients are treated to a concierge who personally attends to the many details from start to finish.

“The key to operating virtually is making the tools we use to interface as easy and immediate as possible,” said Sue Proctor, a veteran concierge at Presgroup. “The merging of tech and real estate is happening fast. But the one thing that cannot change and will not change here, is the importance we place on the bonds of trust and reliability we’ve always formed with the people we serve.”

Communication is Key

Experts have warned that with the 50% increase in new home activity over last year, many realtors are overwhelmed with the volume, which can mean important emails are answered with less haste.

But Presgroup Realty has engineered a virtual protective bubble of communication and connectivity, intuitive enough for even the most tech-resistant clientele.

Before calling an agent, before driving neighborhoods and looking for signs, most Americans begin their house hunt on a computer. High resolution photography, drone footage, face-to-face video platforms, these are the clearest windows to reliable details. Accuracy matters when there’s much at stake.

But the tech means little without expertise. The new home buying and selling journey is fraught with critical decision making. The new normal means buying there without being there. Presgroup is finding ways to give buyers and sellers confidence and guidance through this maze of critical and time-sensitive decisions.

As inventory in desirable cities like Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia continue to decline, along with the days new homes spend on the market, Presgroup Realty stands well-poised in the distance economy to make their clients feel more connected than ever.

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