10 Tips to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

Image of a group of wooden homes grouped together, with a magnifying glass observing a single home that’s separated from the others.

If you’re preparing to sell or refinance your home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is have it appraised so you can determine its worth. The more money your home is appraised for, the more cash you’ll get when you sell or refinance it. While we understand why a home appraisal can…

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Staging Tips: Get your house in order for a sale!

Living room close-up image with text overlay stating ‘staging tips’.

When real estate experts talk about staging a home for a successful sale, they are often referring to a technique of arranging a property in a specific way in order to appeal to potential buyers in the real estate marketplace. After all, staging is meant to showcase the home’s best assets and dazzle buyers while…

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Small Town Charm

So few places check all the boxes when it comes to small town living. But the advantages of living in Orting are immediately apparent to those who’ve had the pleasure of breathing in its air, and taking measure of the quietude and stillness. Yet there’s so much more to Orting than can be captured in…

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Orting is the epitome of outdoor Pacific Northwest living

Nestled in a verdant valley between 2 major rivers, Orting is a hidden gem just 36 miles from Seattle. The Puyallup and Carbon Rivers converge here, where residents have their pick of 12 parks in a town that is only 3 square miles. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Orting, drawn by the famed Foothills Trail, a…

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