Buying out-of-state in America’s current state: New rules for a new world

relocation to seattle area

Buying a home out-of-state can be daunting especially in the midst of Covid-19. There is much to consider when re-locating to a new state even during the best of circumstances. Buyers should feel emboldened by a real estate industry that has adapted to changing protocols and is maximizing technology to ensure virtual showings and successful closings.

Virtual Adds Value

Setting up a virtual showing takes online looking to the next level while saving time. With PresGroup’s Concierge, virtual showings enable the buyer to walk through a house room-by-room or via video. People in a time crunch can see just as much via video and eliminate the listings they don’t want and focus on the property that’s ultimately meant to be their next home.

Personify the Process

Process is at the heart of every real estate transaction, and those processes vary by state. How do you get around this? Personify it. With the help of experts, navigating the processes of your new state’s real estate laws, property taxes, and other fiduciary details will make the purchase of a home a smoother process. Enlisting the help of a trusted agent through PresGroup’s Concierge Service will demystify the process and lead you to closing the deal on a new home.

Financial Friends: Fairway

Speaking of fiduciary details, these vary by state as well. Luckily, PresGroup has taken care of this step by partnering with Fairway. This financial partnership streamlines the  purchasing process across state lines bringing you closer to that first night in your new home.

Moving to a new state is exciting and yet can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn about your new community, new job and new friends. Beginning this journey with a trusted expert is essential and can make moving to a new state feel like it’s always been home.

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